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Join Us for 90 Days in The New Testament

I’m so excited about leading people to gain a deeper appreciation for God’s Word. Any time the study of God’s Word is in view, I know God is greatly blessed and honored. It’s His love letter to us. His message to us, through the revelation of the Holy Spirit, has the power to transform our lives.

My goal in leading our church through this is simple: To gain a broad overview of the message of the New Testament. I love expositional studies, and we have just taken a break from 25 weeks studying the book of Colossians verse by verse. A broad overview is also necessary, lending itself to seeing the grand narrative of Scripture. If you’re interested in joining us, you can click here for the link to the 90 day study guide. We started on March 1st, but there’s time for you to catch up! We are reviewing the readings each Wednesday night after a meal together. I hope you’ll join us, and I’m praying for the Holy Spirit to reveal truth to you in this journey.

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